Streaking At Harvard (2000)

To see the political cartoons that I created during the course of the 2000 presidential election--the Sockpuppet-in-Chief series --go to [click link]
For my autobiography--(the humorous version anyway), see STREAKING AT HARVARD..Available at and other online booksellers

"A young man's hilarious encounters with life, love, and a flock of celebrities.  It is as if Forest Gump's smarter brother stumbled through the Ivy League on his way to a career as a college professor.  A naked jog around Harvard Yard; an unsuccessful effort to become part of the Kennedy clan; wandering in the West Virginia hills looking for long-lost relatives; delivering mail to dead senators on Capitol Hill; catching priceless artifacts thrown by a duchess during the tour of a grand English estate; misplaced nude photographs from a medical photographer; and even a face-to-face encounter with the Queen at Royal Ascot.  These outrageously funny stories form a memoir of self-discovery by someone who can never quite learn the lessons of life."