Professor​  Michigan State University​ 
MSU School of Criminal Justice​ 
530 Baker Hall​ East Lansing, MI 48824-1118​  
Phone: 517/353-0735; 355-2197 FAX: 517/432-1787​  
E-mail: smithc28[at] OR christopher.smith80[at]


Ph.D. University of Connecticut, 1988, Political Science (Phi Kappa Phi Honor Society)
Dissertation: United States Magistrates: Subordinate Judges in the Federal Courts

J.D. University of Tennessee, 1984, Law (Order of the Coif Honor Society)
Third-year law classes, University of Tennessee, 1983-1984.​ 
Second-year law classes, University of Washington, 1982-1983.​ 
First-year law classes, University of Iowa, 1981-1982.

M.Sc. University of Bristol (U.K.), 1981, Social Sciences (Rotary Graduate Fellowship)
Thesis: The Cherokee Nation and the Indian Removal Policy of the United States

A.B. Harvard University, 1980, Government (Dean’s List; National Merit Scholar)

Kalamazoo Central High School, Kalamazoo, Michigan. 1976.

BAR MEMBERSHIP: admitted to practice law in Ohio, 1988 (inactive status).


Michigan State University, School of Criminal Justice (1994-current)​ 
Professor (1998-current);  
Associate Professor (1994-1998)​ 
Acting Director (2001);  
Undergraduate Program Coordinator (1999-2002)

University of Akron, Department of Political Science (1987-1994)​ 
Associate Professor (1991-1994); 
Assistant Professor (1987-1991)​ 
Graduate Program Coordinator (1992-1994)

University of Connecticut-Hartford, Department of Political Science (1985-1987)​ 
Instructor (part-time) (1985-1987)

Asnuntuck Community College, Prison Education Program (Fall 1986) 
Instructor in American Government (part-time) (1986)

Outstanding Teaching Award, 2012, MSU College of Social Science

MSU Nominee for National CASE Professor of the Year Competition, 2004

Teacher-Scholar Award, 1997, Michigan State University, all-University faculty awards.

Outstanding Professor Award, 1995-96 (presented by Alpha Phi Sigma, MSU chapter of the criminal justice honor society).

Outstanding Faculty Award, 1989-90 (presented by the University of Akron Board of Trustees).

Outstanding Professor in the College of Arts & Sciences, 1990, University of Akron (based on campus-wide student voting sponsored by Phi Eta Sigma Honor Society).

Law & Society (Ph.D.) [MSU]
Legal Issues in Criminal Justice (Grad) [MSU] 
Seminar in Judicial Process and Civil Liberties (Grad) [Akron] 
Supreme Court and Civil Liberties [Akron] 
Supreme Court and Constitutional Law [Akron] 
Constitutional Interpretation [UConn]
Criminal Procedure [MSU]
Criminal Law [MSU]
Law of Corrections [MSU]
Law and Criminal Justice Policy [MSU]
Law and the Political Community [UConn]
The Policy Process [UConn]
Policy Problems: Criminal Justice [Akron]
Politics of Crime and Justice [UConn, Akron]
Introduction to Criminal Justice [MSU]
Introduction to American Government [UConn, Asnuntuck Community College]

PUBLICATION SUMMARY (1986-2016, includes published and accepted for publication) 
44 books [inclu. revised editions]
---22 scholarly, reference, and advanced textbooks (21 titles)​ 
---21 introductory textbooks (3 titles); 
---1 humor book​; 
---119 articles including ​72 articles in university law reviews​; 30 articles in refereed journals (legal studies, criminal justice, political science, African-American Studies, education);​ 17 articles in professional association newsletters/magazines and other outlets; 
---7 book chapters​; 
---28 published scholarly book reviews​; 
---56 encyclopedia articles​; 
---50 scholarly papers/presentations

 Articles -- Selected Examples

Smith, Christopher E., “The U.S. Supreme Court and the Nation’s Post-Ferguson Controversies.”  University of Miami Race and Social Justice Law Review (accepted for publication in 2016).

Smith, Christopher E., “’What If’: Human Experience and Supreme Court Decision Making 
on Criminal Justice.”  Marquette Law Review (accepted for publication in 2016).

Smith, Christopher E., and April Sanford.  "The Roberts Court and Wrongful Convictions."
St. Louis University Public Law Review 32 (2013): 307-328.

Smith, Christopher E.. "The Changing Supreme Court and Prisoners‘ Rights."Indiana Law Review 44 (2011): 853-888.

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51 (2011): 743-774.

Smith, Christopher E. "Justice John Paul Stevens: Staunch Defender of Miranda
Rights." DePaul Law Review 60 (2010): 99-140.

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Rehnquist Courts Undo the Legacy of the Warren Court?" Insights on Law and Society
8 (Fall 2007): 4-6, 17.

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Rehnquist Court Era: Civil Rights and Liberties Cases." Judicature 89 (2005):161-167, 184-185.

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Incommunicado Detention: Justifications and Risks." Valparaiso University Law Review 
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Pragmatism?" Duquesne Law Review 42 (2004): 259-291.

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at the Dawn of a New Century." Wisconsin Women’s Law Journal 14 (1999): 123-154.

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Liability and Criminal Justice Policy." The Justice System Journal 19 (1997): 341-354.

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    Reprinted as: "Court Supervision of Prisons is Necessary," in Criminal Justice Sources, vol.2. St. Paul, Minn.: Greenhaven Press, 1987, pp. 381-387.

OTHER ACTIVITIES [selected examples]

Constitution Day keynote speaker, Central Michigan University, Sept. 2010.

Muskegon Arts & Humanities Festival, public lecture, Oct. 2008 (Muskegon Community College)

Presented testimony before the Committee on Regulatory Reform, Michigan House of Representatives concerning proposed constitutional amendment to introduce capital punishment in Michigan, March 16, 2004.

Organizer, ad hoc committee on math curriculum reform, Okemos (MI) Public Schools, 2000 (interviewed and featured in Mark Clayton, "If This Is Math, Then We‘re At War," Christian Science Monitor, special series reprint: "The Math Meltdown," May 16, 23, and 30, 2000, pp. 2,3, 7; Marybeth Hart, "Concerns Over 
Math Bring Added Homework," Lansing State Journal, January 3, 2001, p. 4D).

Member, Advisory Committee on Corporal Punishment, Kent (OH) Public Schools, 1994.

Invited Observer, Annual Training Session for United States Magistrate Judges from the Sixth, Seventh, and Eighth Federal Judicial Circuits, sponsored by the Federal Judicial Center and the Administrative Office of the U.S. Courts, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, July 1987.