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As I have said in the past, I am a different kind of candidate. If there are things that I don't like about politicians and political campaigns, I am not going to reproduce them in my campaign. For example, I don't like candidates' strategic efforts to avoid being forthright about their positions on policy issues--and I don't like being inundated with multiple "urgent" requests each week for campaign contributions. This isn't a race to see who can have the biggest bank account. It is an effort to mobilize voters at this critical moment based on their assessments of candidates' honesty, openness, ideas, and qualifications. Sure, campaign resources are important--but ultimately we will move forward efficiently and effectively with whatever resources we have because our greatest resource is the enthusiasm of our supporters.

The purpose of this email is to share the brief message that I posted on the campaign's Facebook site. I want my supporters, as well as people who are still examining my candidacy, to be up-to-date on my communications and plans.

We are at the dawn of the 50th anniversary year of 1968-- often called "The Year that Changed History"--for its horrors (assassinations, war) & its mobilization for social/political change (civil rights, peace). Many of the positive changes since 1968--advancements in equality, environmental protection, access to health care, etc.-- are quickly being reversed by President Trump and his enablers in Congress, including Mike Bishop. I have started my year-long unpaid leave of absence from my job in order to devote myself to the task of changing the composition of Congress--starting with ousting Bishop, who represents corporate Political Action Committees rather than the best interests of the families, seniors, and students in the 8th congressional district. 2018 must be our year of change in order to save democracy, equality, and the fate of the planet.

I ask you to join me in this important task. Please visit my website  www.ChrisSmithforMich.com, share my Facebook posts and Tweets [and website], and let me know if you are interested in contributing--by signing my nominating petition or volunteering a few hours to spread the word. Thank you for your interest. Best wishes to you and your family for health and happiness in the new year--as we simultaneously join together with other individuals and families to undertake the larger challenge of rescuing our country.

Twitter: @ChrisSmith2018

Please forward this email to others who may be interested in our campaign. Again, Happy New Year and Thank You(!) for your continuing interest and support in 2018.

Best wishes,

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